Friday, February 7, 2014

Knit Infinity Scarves of Joy

SO what do you do with 5 yards of kelly green and navy knit material.... 

Make 6 matching infinity scarves, of course! 

This was a super fun and fast project that I worked on 2 weeks ago for my besties who I met in Florida :) 

You see, we all went to this Catholic school in Indiana with a good football team and amazing school spirit and none of us can ever seem to have too much school swag.  And isn't school swag even that much better when it's "on trend" and matches some of the coolest people you know?

These infinity scarves are super easy as they are just tubes of material.  I cut 6 pieces that were 62 inches x 18 inches.  This is just a 1/2 yard of knit really, but in my case, I wanted the stripe pattern to go the opposite direction, so I cut them vertically.

Then I just folded in half, pinned and sewed the long edge together.  I used a simple straight stitch because I knew these wouldn't be stretching too much and it was so much faster than anything else.

To attach the ends together, I just pulled one end of the tube up inside the other and pinned the two sides together right sides together.  I sew around the circle except for the last two inches, then pulled everything through the little hole so the scarf was right side out and hand-stitched the last remaining hole. 

These are super fun to make in all sorts of knits and I love a good scarf to keep my neck warm I the winter!