Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sewing up Christmas: Skinny Jeans

For the C-man, I decided that the perfect complement to his Ethan Shirt, would be some nice, trim, Skinny Jeans.  And if anyone can wear them, this kids can.  My typical problem with his clothes is that they are huge around the waist, but to short in length.

Sewing custom-made clothing for him is a perfect way to finally get some clothes that fit!  So, in this case I decided to make the pattern in a 5t size with a 6 length. 

They fit C perfectly!

  I also decided to go for the adjustable waist with button hole elastic.  This was a little more complicated,  but not by much and is usually quite necessary.  Unfortunately, (or fortunately, as the case might be) the pants fit so well that he doesn't seem to need it.  It was a good lesson at least.

I used the same grey cord that I did with Ryan's Coastal Cargos which I purchased from Hobby Lobby on a great sale and added just a little contrast with the belt loops - again, the same.  I wanted to make then pretty plain so that he can get a little more use out of them since he really needs some pants that fit!  
Anyway, he seems to love the pants, they look great with his larger tailored shirt and, for once, he is not swimming in pants that don't look like capri pants on him. (Did you follow that double negative?)

I call it a win!


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sewing up Christmas: Vintage V-neck

Phew - almost done!  I finally finished the boys' outfits with this Vintage V-neck. 

Believe it or not, this little tee has taken me the longest of any of the garments to sew!  You may think that's because of the knit fabric, but knits and I actually get along quite well.

It's all because of the stinking V-neck collar!  I must have ripped that thing out 7 times!  It was truly perplexing to me and when I finally got it, I think I had stretched out the fabric enough that it made it extra difficult and a little wonky as you can see above. It kind of looks like a little pleat that I made intentionally...   Oh well, live and learn.

The material is actually a re-fashion from a sundress that seemed obscenely short once I had three kids. I always loved the color.

In a way, it was actually the inspiration for my entire Christmas palette this year since I really wanted to use it, so I shopped for some materials to coordinate.  Truthfully, it was a little thin for the shirt, but super soft, so this little bug seems to love it.  (ninja pose)

That and he's super excited it's not a button down like his brother has gets to wear.

One more garment left!  The dress.  Actually, it's already finished! Just in time for Santa pictures tonight, but not in enough time to photograph and post about yet.  I just want to keep you hanging :)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sewing up Christmas: The Ethan Shirt

Yes!  Another item is down!

This one really tested my patience, however.  Not because it was particularly difficult, but rather, because I seemed to be stymied at every turn. 

The first hurdle came in the form of a two year old wielding a pair of scissors.  Unfortunately, the little bug has learned the value of stools recently and I keep forgetting that nothing is safe anymore...

The sharpies are now stashed up high in the dish cabinet and I guess just pushing my scissors back away from the edge won't cut it anymore either.   Thankfully, it was just one arm, before I sewed it on and I had a good deal more of the same fabric.  Otherwise, it would have been a disaster!

The second hurdle was a little less pleasant.  It came in the form of a nasty 24 hour stomach virus that stole the entire Saturday that my old man gave me to work on my projects.  Instead of sewing, I spent it sleeping and groaning.  There are no pictures of this and, trust me, you don't want any.  Unfortunately, my poor husband now has it and we are desperately hoping it doesn't work it's way through the rest of the family.  Please, God...

Anyway, to get back to my point, the Ethan Shirt from Sis Boom Patterns is a traditional boys button down, as you can tell.  It was quite easy to sew up, but I must admit it was intimidating.  I decided to add contrasting cuffs, an inner yoke and collar stand for the "Cam from Modern Family" look.  The C-man loves the look and said, "It's not scratchy."  So, I guess that's good.

The thing I love the most is that this shirt actually fits him!  He's kind of skinny and small for a 6 year old, and almost all shirts he wears are too long at the cuff.  I love the ability to custom tailor things so he doesn't look like he's swimming in clothes. 

As I said before, the short was quite easy to sew, but it did take a fair amount of precision. 

I also had to read the directions two or three times to make sure I knew what was going on with the construction. 

Having never made something tailored like this before I had to go slow, but I learned a lot and I'm proud that it seems to have turned out!

Now it's time to kick it into high gear to finish this out.  Santa pictures are schedules for December 18th - eeekkkk!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sewing Up Christmas: Coastal Cargos

So I was off for a bit for a family Thanksgiving trip.  It was wonderful, but I did miss the machine.  Fortunately though I am not too behind.

Just prior to leaving for the big feast, I finished my first garment for Christmas!  This pair of Coastal Cargos from Blank Slate Patterns. 

The pattern is great with lots of options.  I actually dropped lots of the options in favor of simplicity and speed.  These are not really cargos anymore, but still, the other details are fun and make the pants look super, custom cool, without a lot of fuss. 

I had a lot of fun with the material more than anything else.  The main pant material is a very soft grey cord from Hobby Lobby.  The boys both seem excited to wear it since it feels like PJs.  I opted for some aqua and white polka dot bias tape on the seams.

I have never made bias tape before and was a little leery, but turns out it's as simple as having a steady hand and a good ruler.  Now I am jonesing to do all sorts of projects with cute custom bias tape trim! 

I decided to get more creative with the pockets and add some contrasting fabric.  It's called Canyon Stripe from the Free Spirit line by Westminster Fabrics.  I love the texture in the stripes AND it works great to tie my palette colors together.

After the bias tape, the second new construction feat that I tackled this time was a zippered fly.  I'm not going to lie, this took some figuring on my part.  The directions were pretty clear, but it always takes some mulling over in my mind to turn the written description into something I can visualize. 

In the end, the pants close!  And the zip fly adds a finished professionalism that I love. 

I was forced to omit the button for the fly when my little guy said, "I hate those because I can't pee."  Alright then.  Minor detail.

The slide closure looks perhaps, even more chic and makes everyone happy.

So my first pair of "real" pants are ready for action!  Christmas is coming along!  Hopefully I will finish in time for Santa pictures!

Anyone else working on Christmas too?  Leave me a comment and tell me what you are getting ready!