Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sewing up Christmas: Vintage V-neck

Phew - almost done!  I finally finished the boys' outfits with this Vintage V-neck. 

Believe it or not, this little tee has taken me the longest of any of the garments to sew!  You may think that's because of the knit fabric, but knits and I actually get along quite well.

It's all because of the stinking V-neck collar!  I must have ripped that thing out 7 times!  It was truly perplexing to me and when I finally got it, I think I had stretched out the fabric enough that it made it extra difficult and a little wonky as you can see above. It kind of looks like a little pleat that I made intentionally...   Oh well, live and learn.

The material is actually a re-fashion from a sundress that seemed obscenely short once I had three kids. I always loved the color.

In a way, it was actually the inspiration for my entire Christmas palette this year since I really wanted to use it, so I shopped for some materials to coordinate.  Truthfully, it was a little thin for the shirt, but super soft, so this little bug seems to love it.  (ninja pose)

That and he's super excited it's not a button down like his brother has gets to wear.

One more garment left!  The dress.  Actually, it's already finished! Just in time for Santa pictures tonight, but not in enough time to photograph and post about yet.  I just want to keep you hanging :)

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