Friday, June 13, 2014

Sewing for ME! A Washi Dress

Spring crept up and hit me with a jam-packed schedule of activities.  In the midst of it, I vowed to get back to sewing and to sew some things for ME for once.  

First, I decided to tackle the Washi Dress by Made by Rae once again.  The first time didn't go so well... see last summer's Washi.  But thanks to almost a year more of sewing experience, this one went much better.

I never imagined I could make a fitted dress that would actually look good on me, but I had an occasion, not much money and a pattern, so I figured I would go for it!  The material just says "Savannah" on the selvage.   I found it on the bargain table at Pacific Fabrics and it immediately caught my eye (as I was running past to catch my two year old who was crawling under the bargain tables and hiding in boxes.

I loved the cute springy colors and vertical stripes.  I mean who doesn't love a slimming vertical stripe!

I was determined to "Make it work!" this time and not waste my bargain fabric find.

Turns out that when you follow the directions on the pattern and don't try to change things, patterns actually fit!  Go figure!

Actually, I did make a couple minor changes, but I was much more confident this time that I wasn't screwing the whole thing up.  First, I moved the bust darts down an inch and a half.  After three kids...  well, you know.

I think they turned out pretty flattering and well fitting.

Second, I added a couple more rows of shirring in the back to nip in the waist a bit more.  This also turned out just fine and added a bit more definition in that area (a little less maternity dress-like).

 All-in-all, I am pretty happy with this dress and plan to make more soon!  It's so comfy, yet the changes I made allow for some definition.  Perfect for that put together, yet comfortable summer look!