Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sewing up Christmas: Skinny Jeans

For the C-man, I decided that the perfect complement to his Ethan Shirt, would be some nice, trim, Skinny Jeans.  And if anyone can wear them, this kids can.  My typical problem with his clothes is that they are huge around the waist, but to short in length.

Sewing custom-made clothing for him is a perfect way to finally get some clothes that fit!  So, in this case I decided to make the pattern in a 5t size with a 6 length. 

They fit C perfectly!

  I also decided to go for the adjustable waist with button hole elastic.  This was a little more complicated,  but not by much and is usually quite necessary.  Unfortunately, (or fortunately, as the case might be) the pants fit so well that he doesn't seem to need it.  It was a good lesson at least.

I used the same grey cord that I did with Ryan's Coastal Cargos which I purchased from Hobby Lobby on a great sale and added just a little contrast with the belt loops - again, the same.  I wanted to make then pretty plain so that he can get a little more use out of them since he really needs some pants that fit!  
Anyway, he seems to love the pants, they look great with his larger tailored shirt and, for once, he is not swimming in pants that don't look like capri pants on him. (Did you follow that double negative?)

I call it a win!



  1. Ooh, these are really nice. Job well done! What pattern did you use? My 8-year-old is thin but long and has the same waist issue.


    1. Hi Shannon - sorry for the belated reply - computer crashed sidelined me for a bit. The pattern is just called Skinny Jeans from the Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop. Thanks for the question!