Monday, September 1, 2014

Baby Girl Bunting

I don't know what's in the water, but I have no less than 4 friends or relatives expecting baby girls in August or September!  I am absolutely thrilled for each of them and decided to make something festive to celebrate their little bundles.

I always love bunting (or flags or whatever you call it) for parties.  It's an easy decoration and adds a feeling of classic fun.  I also love the thought of making a decoration that can be reused for so many other things!  And - turns out with this project I got to reuse a lot of my own fabric stash making it extra green and planet friendly.

1/4 yard each of 5-6 difference patterns of material
10-20 feet jute garden twine
sewing machine and thread

First thing I did was draw a diamond pattern that was double the size I wanted the flags to turn out.  Then I doubled over my fabric, pinned it and cut out the diamonds with pinking sheers for some extra fun on the sides (plus, as it turns out, cutting with pinking sheers hides a multitude of cutting sins like not completely straight cuts...).  

To conserve and use as much material as possible, I also folded my pattern in half and cut triangles on the fold between the diamonds.  Every little bit counts!

After I had my stack of coordinating diamonds, (yes, all of these were scraps from my stash - I couldn't believe I had so many perfect matches!!) I went to the HOME DEPOT.  Yes - the hardware store.....

That was where I picked up my $4 roll of jute garden twine!  I think it has something crazy like 300 yards worth.   You better believe I will use this stuff again - very rustic and neutral.

Finally I folded the diamonds over the twine to make a jute sandwich and sewed them together with a 1/4 inch allowance.  I also left a really long amount of twine at each end so that there is plenty of flexibility to tie them up later.

I just eyeballed the length and kept sewing until the banner seemed "long enough."

 My little lady here really likes them!  I think she wants me to make one for her too.  But for now, these little banners are waiting for their newly hatched little owners!

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