Friday, June 7, 2013

Five Minte Friday: Fall

Here's my second attempt at this exercise.  I had a great time last week!  It was awesome to read some of the other entries out there in Five Minute Friday land.  I'll be honest, writing in five minutes and not really editing is difficult for the perfectionist in me... but here goes again.


When I hold them tight, they resist.  They struggle and giggle and whelp.  It becomes a game, but as much as I want to hold them like this forever, it's the learning and growing that amazes me the most.  And that is done away from me on their own terms. 

They run down the driveway when I want them to walk.  A misplaced toe.  A bloody lip.  They climb too high and let go.  They jump in when they think I'm not looking.

But I am always looking, if even from the "eyes in back of my head."  Just like He is looking.  Hugging too tight then letting go.  Always there even when we don't think so.  The ultimate Father.  Letting us fall because watching us figure it out is miraculous and amazing.  Hoping we don't make the mistake, but ready to pick us up and put ice on our bloody lip. 

And the hardest thing of all is to let go.  Because the last thing I want is for these wonderful creatures to be broken and hurt.  But I must let go.  They must learn.  I must learn.  I must let myself fall too.  And trust that HE is always there.


  1. Hi! You're the person in front of me!! So fun finding your blog =) I LOVE the line when you wrote "letting us fall because watching us figure it out is miraculous and amazing"... so incredibly true!

  2. This is so true. We must give over control to God. I kept too tight a control for a little while on my family. I have learned to trust God. Keeping control is hard - and can physically hurt you (stiff joints, tension, headaches). So yes yes, please give over control to the One who can and will keep all things together.
    Found you at Lisa Jo's.

  3. Wonderful post on Him letting us fall. I wrote something similar today, too.
    Your kiddo's are precious!
    Stopping by from Five-Minute Friday.

  4. Marjie!!!! I didn't realize you were playing FMF!! So fun. And I can't believe how crafty you are. I've been wanting to recover a lampshade we've had for ages but I always have a mild panic attack at the mere thought. I'm going to follow your suggestions above and maybe get brave about it. Happy Monday friend!