Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hooded Towels

So, it was briefly summer here!  They say it will be again - we shall see... 

In that brief window though, I got to take the kids to the pool a couple times, where I discovered that instead of regular old towels that fall off when you let go of them and only stay around you when you know how to do the funky wrap and tuck thing, what they really needed where hooded towels with some kind of fastener to hold them shut.... Voila!  Idea!

I found these scrumptious towels for not very much at Target - so cute!  They are perfect for a little alteration with their clean stripes so you can't even tell they are shorter than they were made.  (As opposed to a superhero or princess towel where you would cut off part of a picture.)

Next, I found a hooded bath towel that I liked from the linen closet, traced the hood shape, made a quick little pattern and started cutting.

I only took off about 12 inches of material from the original length of the towel and I made sure to squish the hood pattern so that both the back and front of the pattern would fit side-by-side on that 12 inches.  The towel size that is left is perfect to fit around my little guys with plenty of room to wrap up and get cozy.
To finish it up, I added about an inch and a half of velcro on the front about six inches away from the edge of the hood.  Baby Girl can't quite get it on her own, but the boys can. 

They seem to love them!  And now I can march my little munchkins from the pool deck to the showers with a lot less complaining...
And just to give you a taste of our weather, these lovely pictures were taken in the 30 minutes yesterday between complete downpours!  Phew!
Here's to summer!

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