Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer's Here! Hopefully...

In most parts of the country it's SUMMER! 

I think it might be summer here too, but it's Seattle, so you don't ever really know.  In fact, most people agree that Summer doesn't really start here until July.  Dang.  Even C-man said the other day, "Hey, Mom.  It's it supposed to be Summer?  It's after Memorial Day, but it sure doesn't look like it."

Well, the sun's out today, so here's hoping!

The first thing I always notice about Summer is how it catches me by surprise.  I'm always looking forward to it, but never quite ready when it appears.  So, I went to dig out the summer garb and realized that the largest shorts we have are size 4T and C is now 6... Ooopps.  Not to mention trying to dig out something in size 3T for Ry-man.  It seems as if C grew through that size during the winter because I came up with a big goose-egg for him too.


But, YAY!  Because now I finally have the ability to say, "I'll just whip them up some shorts" and actually do it.  And these were super easy, which is a theme for me...

I used the kids shorts tutorial from Made along with her kids pants with pockets tutorial.  I got some fun material that every boy would like from JoAnn's and threw some together.  The hardest part was the fact that both my boys have the smallest little waists, so I had to cut down the elastic more than usual to keep them up over their cute little tooshes. 

Actually, I probably could have just made the same size for both boys and just left them a little longer for C-man.  As it was, I graded the pattern up a bit and they turned out huge, which is fine when you are making elastic-waist shorts, but the butt does look slightly funky.  All in all, it's still a much better fit than anything I can buy him from a store, so I'll take it. 

Nothing like feeling like a superhero on a gorgeous day! 

"Zee plane, zee plane, boss!"

YAY! SUMMER!  And YAY! Shorts!

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