Friday, May 31, 2013

Imagine: Five Minute Friday

Today you get to join me for an exercise with one of my besties!  I have know Lisa-Jo over at the Gypsy Mama for 15 years!  Amazing!  And every since she started her blog I have wanted to participate in her Five Minute Fridays.  I have even suggested topics and gone so far as to write out entries, but without a blog myself I was link-up less...

So, finally, here it goes:


For years I pictured what life would look like now: a great husband, three kids, a dog, a career.   Then suddenly I arrived.  And it is wonderful.

Except...  What's next? 

For years my life was molded, guided and formed by this life, these dreams, these snapshots in my head of perfect fed by other people's pictures of bliss.  But now that I have arrived, where is the slide show, the map of my new future that will keep me rolling forward? 

It's scary to think my childhood dreams have arrived - the teenage plan is behind me now.  Yet, at the same time, it's so freeing to think with all I know, I can now imagine a future that is completely my own. 

But not quite...  Because now instead of voices from past telling me whshould do, there are tiny, high pitched squeals that I never could have created on my own, reminding me that anything's possible through Him. 
at I

Start a blog! Learn to sew!  Take a class!  Start a company!  YES! 

So now I have a new goal.  To show them that anything they can imagine is possible so that someday they will know that for themselves.


  1. I love this! My today has become so much better than I imagined - even through the hard times. ESPECIALLY because of them! So what's next? There is so much imagining to do!

  2. Welcome to your first FMF! It's wonderful isn't it? :) Odd to look back even a few years and see how much things have changed! What a fantastic goal that is! Blessings on your next five years.
    ~Sarah from

  3. Great words today. We can do what we imagine. We can become exactly what we need to be. Love the pictures today too. Blessings to you.