Friday, May 3, 2013

Spring Break!

So I've been obsessing about a tutorial that I wanted to share for my first "official" post.  Then I realized WHO CARES!  I'll get to it eventually.  Right now I'm just excited to get going and put something out into the world!

So here's a little something I whipped up over Spring break!

 It's the Carousel Top designed by Anna Panelle for Go To Patterns!  I bought this as a part of the
Sun and Surf Collection of the Pattern Anthology and I couldn't be more pleased!

It was my first real time working with knits and it was surprisingly easy.  I'm still not sure if knits are just easier than I thought or if my machine is just really good for knits, but either way it was FUN and not scary to sew this gorgeous top.

I just love the gathers in the front and on the shoulders and that cute little keyhole in back.  It's sized well and has an easy relaxed feel to it, but is just detailed enough to look a little dressed up too!  Perfect for little Lizzie Jo!

The fabric is a chartreuse jersey knit from Girl Charlee.  They have an awesomely stupendous collection of knits, great prices and super fast shipping!  Highly recommend.

 As for the skirt, it's my first time too!  I made it from the simple skirt tutorial over at Made.  Love her stuff.  It was quite easy. The material is Robert Kauffman, I believe.  I got it on the bargain table at a local fabric store and really can't remember.

The only thing I would have done differently?  I would have left myself more room for the casing of the elastic.  I kind of had to wiggle and shove the stuff through.  But it worked!  And Voila!  Cute Spring Break outfit!


  1. Okay, now I have to hope for granddaughters someday so that I can finally get back to sewing . . . and make something even remotely as cute as this! Adorable!

    Do you think you'll ever post about any cute clothing for your boys? Hmmm . . . ? ;)

    Congrats on your blog, Marjie!

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  3. I DO have some cute boy clothes in my pocket ;) Just wait and see!

  4. Such a cute outfit and so cool that you made it yourself! I have a machine but never use it. Can't wait to see some boy stuff - clothes or other things for them. I have seen some ideas, but not sure how hard they would be to do. Congrats on the blog!