Monday, May 6, 2013

Opening Day

So in Seattle the Opening Day of Boating Season is a BIG deal.  Frankly, I'm not really sure why since, with our moderate climate, our boating season never actually closes.  Any excuse for a good party, I guess.

My husband's family is a boating family so every year we go to the big fiesta decked out in our nautical finest!  Red, white and navy nautical wear is the uniform and I have to admit that I take special pride in finding the cutest for my three cuties!

This year I have big intentions of sewing matching outfits for all of them - unfortunately I only actually got finished with one...  oh well.  
My little guys did end up in Boating outfits - just not the cute matching homemade ones I'd envisioned...   I promise some boy clothes soon!

So for Lizzie I made this great little nautical tunic.
It's the Maggie Mae Tunic from Shwin& Shwin.  It's the third one of these I've made and I LOVE the simple color blocking. I also love the clear, helpful instructions in the pattern.  It makes it super easy for a newbie like me who is teaching herself.  The fabric is from the Seven Seas collection at Cloud 9 fabrics and got tons of complements from the yacht club set! 


I also realized that I should have taken more pictures of the boats and lovely, sunny Seattle weather!  Live and learn.  I'll get better at this blogging stuff soon! 

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