Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mail Day!

Don't you just love those days when you get some great mail?!  What's even better?  When it's delivered right during nap time so you can actually open, play with, and enjoy your mail candy in peace!!

Well, that was me today!  Yippee!!  And it's sunny today to boot!

And it even came from an exciting place - Hong Kong....

What is it?!

Can you guess yet?

Yep!  Labels! 

I'm so excited to have these delicious looking little babies to play with!  I've been busy sewing them into whatever is around and finished...  a couple dresses, a top and Conor's new superhero pants.

And while I know any old person can hop on the Internet and order some up, it makes me feel so legit and professional.  I can't wait to get to some of the exciting projects I have in the pipeline, because, hey - I get to use my new labels! 


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