Monday, January 13, 2014

Sewing up Christmas: Roundup

The Holidays are long gone around here, but I still wanted to share a round-up of my Christmas sewing with you all.  While this project was time consuming and, at times, a bit of pressure, it was loads of fun.  There is something so gratifying about sewing special outfits for my little ones.  Especially, when a special picture memorializes them for years to come.  

I made five pieces total:

 The Coastal Cargos and Vintage V-neck for Ryan.

 Skinny Jeans and the Ethan Shirt for Conor.

And the Sally Dress for Lizzie.  

And here they are all together...

In general, I am very happy with the palette and the way everything turned out.  Really, the only thing I would change in retrospect is the color of the Vintage V-neck.  When with the other pieces, I feel like the dark green overwhelms the lighter aqua tops and distracts a bit from the "collection" as a whole.  It's funny because I feel like in some ways this shirt is actually the most "Christmassy" garment I made, but en-total I'm not sure if it works.

All-in-all, Sewing up Christmas was a great challenge and great fun!  Santa seemed to like it :)  Look for it again next year...

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